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Friday, February 20, 2015

My idea; writing project to help our homeless pets!

A year ago or maybe a little longer (time flies) a started thinking about my final writing assignment from the course I had taken. I had turned in five chapters of a YA I was working on. But after my instructor, who was kind through out the entire course, stated that it didn't seem realistic and that I should change this and that... I kinda got bummed and set it aside. I had planned to revisit it but never did, distracting myself with being so involved with school and CCD and extra curricular activities.

But when it comes down to it... I was offended because the story, although changed in many ways, was based on realistic incidences from my own childhood. That was the second time she had said, "In real life it wouldn't go that way." That was another story I wrote based on a very true incident in my life that changed my life in a humongous way. So, I truly get it when authors get great feed back but that one comment can hit the ego and the heart so hard.

Anyhow, as I mentioned I have been thinking about revisiting it again. Just here and there as time allows. I miss my characters. And, now I realize how authors have these voices in their head. They have been asking me where have I been and what happens next in their lives?

So, in the shower this morning a few of my stories I had written crossed my mind. One in particular. The short story I wrote about our dog, Dulce. The story of how we came to adopt her. Or as I say, she adopted us. I wrote it from her point of view.

(Our crazy loca, Cafe Dulce meaning Brown Sugar)

I thought, "That's a really good story. I should self-publish it." Then it hit me! "What if I self published it and then let the animal care services here locally sell them. I would only charge about 50% to cover the expenses of publication. My kids might even be able to provide the cover art and a few pictures of scenes in the story. In fact, Farmer, Jr. already inquired about who would do the pictures (hinting he was interested in throwing his hat into the ring). The other 50% would be donated to the facility. We have a few other of these facilities in town too but I would start with the one where we got Brandi from.

And, if it worked out, it would be a fun project to write about Brandi's story as well...

So, what do you think of my idea? I'm reviewing the story and even though I was provided with edits and possible changes by my instructor I have a dear friend, Melissa Garrett, whom I trust fully to offer edit ideas and other options I might need to consider.

So, what do you think? Should I GO with it??? It would be fun for me, involve the kids if they can draw a few scenes well, and it would benefit our furry friends.

Comments and thoughts please and thank you!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Take it day by day, and hope to sleep during the nights in between.


I know. Two month late again when I had decided to begin blogging regularly again. My friend and wonderful author went back to blogging again and although I keep up with her day to day on Facebook I still love her blog entries.

Then I think of all the things I want to blog/diary about and then I don't do it. Currently my excuse is that my 7 year old MAC is in the electronic hospital. He's doing well and out of ICU but he has to stay a few days longer to be sure his hard drive (heart) surgery holds.

I know I'm silly about things. Some people giggle that I've named things. But my things are important to me. As a child I had few really nice things. So the care and protection I provided as a child has carried over into my adulthood.

It is heart warming when I see me children, already 11 1/2 and recently 13 still taking time to snuggle each of their stuffed animals in to bed with them (Lil'Gal has suc a collection that she actually wrote a weekly schedule of who gets what night to snuggle with her) *CUTE* right?

Blogging from the iPad since MAC is in physical therapy is hard. But blogger, as I have finally discovered, has improved the app. ie: I can put pictures where I want to. 

Remember when Big Mama went in the ditch with me and the kids after church but kept us safe? Even with the ten foot drop? Poor Big Mama. She has kept us safe through so many incidents. Monday picking the kids up from school and heading home I was side swiped on the right while making a left hand turn from the left hand turn lane and INTO the left lane of my right away. Unlike other people who cross over into the second lane.

Big Mama got her side swiped and power mirror torn off. I carefully pulled into a parking lot to see if the culprit would follow for insurance info. She did. We exchanged insurance info although I had to teach her how to use her phone to take a copy of my insurance. She said, "I think you hit me?" I replied, "Um, I don't think so. I was in my lane, green turning arrow and turned into my lane... So I couldn't have hit you. I think you turned from the wrong lane or glided into me. We will just let insurance work it out. She was shaking. I was fine because I knew it wasn't my fault." Anyhow. Never a call from her insurance so I guess her family and agent told her she was lucky I wasn't suing or filing against her.

My Big Mama, my favorite vehicle I have ever had with the most sentimental value has been through so much! (I own the ditch incident although I just don't understand to this day, that a turn home from Sunday morning church I've made a hundred thousand times, ended me up in that ditch.)

Are you bored of reading me yet? Maybe I should save the Livestock show update and stress of a rabbit dying very other day for my next post. We didn't make the top ten or top anything but WE DID make the blue ribbon sale and that is the most important part of the auction. Farmer, Jr. Placed first with his salty peanut butter bars so I'll have to share that recipe. And Lil'Gal placed 4th in her division in AG mechanics so she got a pink rosette ribbon and several cool prizes!

Over all, things are well. Next post I'll share the interesting facts about a full put hip replacement at the early age of 42. Some people are completely astounded and thrilled at my rapid recovery; others are jealous of my age and agility. Either way, 2015 with a few exceptions is treating me better than 2014. 2014 was kinda, dare I say it, $h!TTY to me.

But I'm always the optimist! I've refund my looking up and not down. And yes, even if coffee on a cold morning like today, my Glass is Half Full (okay, I had two cups of coffee waiting on Big Mama's oil and tire treatment). But tonight I'll be more than half full - and I don't mean coffee! 

Happy Hump-Day! FW/GHFG!


Holiday blogging

So, since my surgery I haven't signed in to keep up with my blogging. Primarily because I spend most of my time propped on the couch when I'm not working my hip and leg. Which means I'm pretty much online via the iPad and/or the iPhone.

I'm not crazy about the blogger app. Maybe I should try blogging online again using the pad. It might be new and improved and I DO have my wireless keyboard. The blogging app doesn't let me decide where I want to place pictures, etc.

This weekend I shall hop up on the barstool and do a proper blog via the LT. And fill everyone in on the nine day progress report from my Surgeon and finally a bunny update.

I know. It's been brought to my attention that things are quiet and boring in bunny world this year.

Actually, it has been a bit distressing. We were supposed to get two five pens of Californians. But we only got two four pens. So that already left us short spares for each pen. Then Lil'Gal's came down Ill and died one, by one, by one until we lost an entire pen. Knowing Lil'Gal, she had a production for each of the losses. And she was upset that they were all 'her's'. Even though I continually try to express to her that they are all 'our' rabbits. Luckily, our rabbit chair and dear friend has three New Zealands that we will be able to raise. 

So fingers crossed, both kids will be able to make the blue ribbon sale.

IF I can EVER get out to the bunny barn I will start posting bunny pics. (As I am sure everyone, including myself, is tired of hip stories.)

So there is my Thursday evening post. Not looking forward to the eight hour round trip drive tomorrow. This holiday break just hasn't been going how I had it planned in my head. But the tree is decorated, our trees and moving reindeer look bright I the yard at night, and Buddy the Elf has gotten over his bug and is back in the game.

Here are MY babies with THIER polish babies after having just cleaned out the bunny barn. Our bunny barn is awesome! Now if I can just hobble myself out there!

Anyhow, happy Thursday. I promise a more entertaining post next time. Meanwhile,

Happy holidays!


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

ZERO is UNACCEPTABLE in Glass Half Full's House

Parenting is beautiful, it is fun and loving and everlasting if we are so blessed. Sometimes though. It can be frustrating. We have to go from the euphoria of loving our children as they turn into toddlers with minds of their own, tweens, teens and what I have yet to venture - ADULTS.

Lil'Gal, as anyone who follows me anywhere knows - has a MIND of her own. Before children,  I had life with a daughter all fantasized in my mind. But even though we have bows and cuddles and tells stories together (well, her at 11 and in middle school while I secretly check the list to be sure we are on the same front and take names of the students I want to keep a-watch-on) we still find ourselves on the same page quite often.

Farmer, Jr. pretty much just tows the rope = anything that will get him to his next fishing trip or hunting excursion. (I remind him often how lucky he is to have so many opportunities afforded to him thanks the the hard work of his parents [Me and Daddy], his grandparents and all the sharing and wonderful friends we have.)

Even considering his dysgraphic disability he makes fantastic grades. A) He works as hard as he can; B) Under 504 the school knows he is an over achiever but that he needs accommodations to demonstrated that. C) He is blessed to have parents who are very involved and teachers who work with the parents and students.

So, today. The last week of the third week grading period. BEFORE WE ARE OFF FOR A MONTH. I receive a notification email that he has…. wait… I must breathe…. Okay…. No… wait….

A ZERO on an Independent Reading Assignment. HE READS LIKE A GENOUS (the boy can't write or print or get a word on paper but he could interpret an entire three book series as a play written in millions of words.).

I emailed his teacher immediately and as soon as I got him to myself at school I inquired:

"Ahem. What about that Independent Reading Assignment. You received a zero."

FJ, "What? I don't know what you are talking about…. Um, wait. Maybe. Let me see if it is in my binder. *searching overly full binder* I think this is it. But I didn't understand it."

Me, [Reading. For him? The easiest FREEEKING assignment ever,  knowing him and his reading.]

Me, "WTHell?"

FJ, "Well, I didn't understand it and I didn't have a book to read."

Me, "Um, look at your bookshelf. You have hundreds of books there that you have read and I can ask you a question about any one of them and you could totally tell me the entire story in cliff notes."

FJ, "Well, its too late."


FJ, *Huffing off.*

Like less than ten minutes later:

FJ, "Here it is. I picked my questions and wrote them on the sheet."

Me, [reviewing his answers], A) The assignment was to write the answers on a separate piece of paper and stapled to the assignment sheet. B) We can't read your answers (due to his dysgraphia) so you can dictate your answers and I will type them and we will attach both sheets.

FJ, "I am NOT going to rewrite the answers for such a small assignment (it is a minor grade and he currently has an A in his worst subject.)

Me, "UM. OH YES YOU WILL. *Pointing to Instructions* and you WILL dictate to me your answers. AND lucky for you I WILL type them up for you and print them and you will attach them to your assignment sheet."

FJ, "For such a minor grade?"


Parenting is truly a joy. Not a right, but a beautiful gift and responsibility. My kids are awesome and great! But I raise them with the concept. Do you wanna' just do enough to get by? Or do you wanna' rule your world. In the end it is their decision. All we can do is direct them.

But little life lessons like the one tonight weigh out in the end. Things I taught my children and lessons I expressed and explained when they were five and six, they still bring to the table at 11 1/3 and weeks from 13. Every lesson counts. Every hug counts. Every atta'boy counts. And on the rare occasion the "that's all you feel like offering of yourself?" Makes a point too.

Happy parenting. It is by most… my favorite career ever.


Monday, December 1, 2014

BRAGGART ALERT: And then it got even better!


So today was my pre-op for my surgery next week. You know. The one I keep spamming Facebook, your text messages, your email in-box, and chat all to say, "GUESS WHAT NOW!"

Although, I do have to say and I'm hoping y'all have all realized, that I'm rarely whining about pain now because I am now on the downside hill of the wait. And I'm basically EXCITED about my hip replacement surgery now. I know right? EXCITED? Okay, well almost… I'm still a little leery and keeping my head somewhat focused on the 'after surgery' issues. And, as I said to Hubby this afternoon, "I'm still aware of the reality that 'after' surgery I will have severe pain. But it will be a healing pain… So, I'm okay with that. [Still not looking forward to the first time you wake from anesthesia and pain meds. But I'll suffer though with my sweet little button in my hand the first day that will deliver pain meds at my every need and want.]

Anyhoo, I had the typical lab work, an EKG, then a nasal swab and groin swab to be sure that I haven't been exposed to or am currently carrying any illness, infection, etc that might rear its ugly head between now and next week.

The staff was awesome. It is like a little family at this hospital facility. As previously mentioned, the physician groups in the building beside bought out the former birthing hospital and it has been modified into a fantastic surgical hospital.

My appointment went pretty fast. We left town at 8:15 and arrived early for my appointment. We were on our way out in about two and a half hours and were home by 7:30 this evening!

Anyhow, at my orientation and completing the final paperwork, etc., I was handed this little label with the following listed on it for my choosing:

Water Plain Yes, No                     Sparkling Yes, No
Chocolates Yes, No                      Mints Yes, No
Aroma therapy Yes, No (in the room! I selected just for my pillow since Hubby has allergies)
Audio therapy Yes, No (they can do that in a hospital suite?)

I was instructed that the aforementioned was at no addition expense to me or my insurance but it is just a service they like to provide to make their patients more comfortable. SAWEEEEET!

They don't have a hospital cafeteria. The have an on STAFF CHEF! So, I get to 'order' my meal preference from the 'cafe' and it will be delivered as specified to my room. For each meal.

So now all I have to do before surgery is:
- decide on prints and order photo invites for the Livestock show
- mail out 50 plus invites for LSS
- pick up Livestock show vouchers, and labels for entries
- CCD stuff
- all laundry in the house to at least get us through one week before I'm home and able to piddle around
- Finish the Christmas shopping
- Hair Appointment (to get me through the Holidays until I'm driving again)
- nail appointment (hey, I can't go four weeks looking puke during the holidays)
- decide with kids on recipes to work on during the holiday break for LSS since I'll be home bound
- weekend grocery shopping to fill our staples since I won't be able to drive for weeks*
- *[Hubby can do some grocery shopping; as Moms we all know we handle the staples in the house)
- Additional errands and extracurricular events handled before I am homebound
- Emails, phone calls, etc to get things lined out
- work out arrangements for getting our CA's (californian rabbits) in for the show
- more CCD stuff; auction and end of semester party; assign parts for the Christmas pageant since I will
  miss at least one Sunday class

I've got seven days max to get through all of this! But I know I can do it.

Oh, and as it is the first day of December and time to start counting down to Advent -

Happy Holidays!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I'm on RANT! Give me my SOAPBOX!

As y'all know I'm typically a happy-go-lucky kinda' Gal. But with recent medical issues and law changes I'm finding myself quite frustrated.

First of all, our insurance decided it will only approve Farmer, Jr's prescription for his ADHD med with the name brand. The name brand is more expensive but I wouldn't mind if covered by insurance. However most if not all pharmacies, at least in our area, do not even carry the name brand. Generic only. So, now we have been in a battle regarding insurance coverage of FJ's medication.

We finally had to pay the entire amount of one month out of pocket as changing the medication type isn't a preferable option. I have spoken with numerous parents who have tried various ADHD meds and their children have had HORRID side affects. So, if it is working - risking change shouldn't be a consideration.

On another note, the laws have changed in the last two months regarding narcotics and prescription medications. I myself prefer not to take a pill unless I have to. Although, I have found myself on blood pressure medication, thyroid meds and the little happy pill for anxiety. But, I'm speaking primarily about pain medications. (I also prefer NOT to take an antibiotic unless I know I really need it. IMO my body's immune system needs to stay as strong on its own as possible.)

But over most of this past year I've developed severe chronic pain in my right hip. At first I thought it was my sciatica, then I thought it was popping hip syndrome which I had as a kid. Then I thought arthritis and lack of exercise (which is what exacerbated it in the first place. I go to the gym to get in SHAPE and I end up in PAIN and unable to exercise).

I went to my chiropractor, I went to my MD, I went to a personal trainer to work on my core and range of motion and mobility. Finally, I went to a hip and joint specialist. I tried a steroid injection but it only lasted two months instead of six. Turns out? My hip is degenerating.

The bone is not getting enough blood flow and thus it is dying. Apparently, as a child it grew in a more flattened shape rather than a well rounded ball. Which was cause of my issues as a child. So in the end after researching and finally meeting with a fantastic surgeon out of Austin, Texas, I have scheduled myself for a full hip replacement. I'm actually quite optimistic about it, knowing that come a few weeks and a few weeks of PT I will have relief from this constant chronic pain.

The RANT? Pain medication. I can't get it! Hardly. And I NEED IT. A few months ago the first specialist I saw that diagnosed me as needing a hip replacement. He prescribed me Hydrocodone. Normally, I wouldn't want that medication. I haven't taken in it years and years since I was having serious back issues when the kids were little. Even then I only took it at night.

The specialist prescribed me a months worth. When I finally returned because the shot had worn off and it was obvious that I wasn't going to be able to put off the surgery with injections twice a year like I had hoped, he was unable to prescribe that medication to me to get me through until my surgery.

Hardly anyone can. So, I have been prescribed Tramadol (which does nothing), and Tylenol-Codeine 3 (which I have to double up on for any relief). Even my surgeon has a letter to his patients understanding WHY these medications are now being so regulated but at the same time frustrated because patients like his who really need it can't get it. Those doctors who over prescribe and those patients who abuse medications leave those of us whom they were designed for still sitting in pain.

Awful, chronic pain. So, as requested by my surgeon I wrote our congressman. Hubby in fact, had a chance to meet with him last week regarding agricultural issues. And as I suggested, he brought up the issue about managing pain and the issues regarding prescribing it to those who truly need it.

It is SO frustrating that I and others are penalized and forced to suffer chronically because others are disrespectful and abusive and inconsiderate to those of us who actually need and deserve relief to function.

My dad is having the same issue. If my mom were to lose her pain medication she would die from the pain. I have a new understanding for those with chronic pain. Although I have always empathized, now in that same situation I have developed a new understanding.

So write your congressman. The deserving and in need shouldn't be penalized by the jack-@$$es who abuse their medications.

Off soap box…for now anyhow. On a side note, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Find what you are thankful for. No matter how down and out things can seem, there is always a seed of hope if you just look for it. :-)